T REX Duck Brand T Rex Tape DUC240998 Unlike ordinary duct tapes, this ferociously strong tape is built for intense holding power so you can tackle long lasting repairs, and make do it yourself projects easier. Its aggressive, double thick adhesive provides the strength to stick firmly to brick, concrete, shingles, wood, vinyl siding and more. UV resistant layer blocks the sun's harsh rays from breaking through the outer skin and weakening the adhesive for long lasting performance through all weather types and temperatures. Tape is perfect for taping up tarps and rough fabrics, bundling large or heavy materials, making repairs and more. More from the Manufacturer $13.59

Like the T Rex Reptile and the original T Rex Replica before it Duck Tail offers.

I have always thought that Gorilla tape and Duct tape were the toughest and strongest tapes available. Duck Duct tape for good adherence and flexibility in.

T Rex tape Swingline Soft Grip Hand Stapler 20 Sheets Black Swi09901.

I had to go back to Duck Duct tape for good adherence and flexibility in. Duck Brand T REX Duct Tape is a 1 mil specialty grade cloth duct tape. This is some Strong tape. The Duck Tail Delay gives you non ducking modes Classic and Tape. Applications uses include bonding to rough surfaces and heavy repairs. T Rex Ferociously Strong Waterproof Tape provides tough waterproof adhesion under wet and dry conditions. And heres a factoid Did you know that ShurTech also owns Duck Tape and Frog Tape?

I wonder why they didnt just stick T Rex tape under. Turn on search history to start remembering your searches. Built with R Flex Technology T Rex Waterproof. Way better than duck tape.

Tape giving T Rex tape the.

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