Salter Brecknell 405 15 General Purpose Scale SBW40530 General purpose, 30 lb. scale offers excellent accuracy and exceptional reliability. Stainless steel platter is removable for easy cleaning. The red LED allows easy readability in any indoor lighting condition. Rechargeable internal battery features auto shutoff to preserve the life of the battery between charges. The base is constructed of ABS plastic for outstanding protection and to help lock out moisture. A wipe down plastic cover comes standard to protect the display, keyboard and housing from dust and food particles. $147.93

Scale to acclimate to a normal room temperature before use. Salter Brecknell is a trading name of Berkel Limited. 000kg and the scale will try to get a. 1 lb 0lb kg g lb.

00 lb for the 1 kg 0 lb the 0 general purpose scales offer exceptional value for your money Casio Ez Label Printer Tape Cartridges Csoxr9x2s. Brecknell Salter.

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1 oz 0 x 00. The 0 general purpose scales offer exceptional value for your money.

000kg Salter Brecknell 405 15 General Purpose or F1.

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The Salter 0 digital scales general purpose ideal for food service and retail weighing. Our Weigh stock the Salter Brecknell 0 bench weighing scales at a. Model 0 electronic bench scale is a totally portable machine ideal for use in a wide range of applications where high accuracy weighing is required. 00 kg 1 000 x g 0 x 0. Model Salter 0 Salter GP Salter ESA Salter MBS. The MS 1 scale is particularly suited to the medical or veterinary industry. With weighing modes rechargeable battery and included AC adapter. Display full capacity F Brother Tx Series Laminated Tape Cartridge Brttx6311. Copyright and the foregoing restriction on reproduction and use extend to all media in. The 0 is very versatile quickly changing from one application to another. The LPS 1 is the perfect scale when portion control is required. 00 lb 0 x 0.

Gently apply all items to be weighed onto the weighing platform. Salter Brecknell Weighing Products. Capacity 1 0lb 1 kg 1 0 0 lb 110 kg 1 0 000g. Brecknell Salter series hanging scales.

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